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Publicado: 17/07/2018

Finaliza: 15/09/2018

The thesis will extend the application of the analytical technique DGT (Diffusion Gradients in Thin films) to special systems such as complex matrices. Possible applications: environmental and animal health studies, ecotoxicology, food analysis. The thesis will –at least partially- have an experimental focus working with the preparation of passive samplers, deployment and analysis. Modeling and numerical simulation of the systems could be also part of the thesis if the candidate is oriented towards theoretical work.

Salary (before taxes): 14400 Euro first year; 15600 Euro 2nd and 3rd years.
Period of the grant: 3 years.
Deadline for application: 15 September 2018 (but some steps should be carried out before that).

The hosting research group in the Universitat de Lleida (Catalonia, Spain) has published more than 50 articles in high impact journals since 2011. The group seeks to understand how different analytical techniques can provide information on the presence and availability of contaminants in natural waters.

Required documentation:
i) a very complete CV (including photo, mails and telephones of 2 or 3 possible scientists for references, birth date, starting date of the degree, date of award of degree, average qualification of the degree, starting date of master, date of award of master, etc.), ii) a motivation letter, iii) the list of the subjects followed in the degree (and in the master) with qualifications and number of credits, i.e. academic transcript (in French: “relevé de notes”, in Spanish “expediente académico”) iv) (highest) certificate of English knowledge and v) a summary (between 0.5 and 2 pages long) of the (research) Master thesis (project or equivalent).

Detalle Oferta:

Area de trabajo:
Comunidad Autónoma:
Duración Contrato:
3 años
Jornada Completa
Tipo de contrato
Contrato Temporal
Entre 15.001 € y 18.000 € Bruto/Anual
Comentarios Salario:
Salary (before taxes): 14400 Euro first year; 15600 Euro 2nd and 3rd years.
Ubicación en el extranjero:


Requisitos Mínimos:
Requirements for the candidates: Skill in handling laboratory samples avoiding contamination. Very good marks in a degree in Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Biotechnology, or other fields related with Analytical and Physical Chemistry (minimum qualification average 6.5/10). The Degree studies must have been finished after 1 January 2009. Master studies finished before November 2018. Fluent English. High motivation for research. Programming knowledge (in Fortran, C+ or analogous) will be valued (though it is not a requirement).
Experiencia Mínima:
No es necesario
Estudios mínimos:
Situación Académica:
Dominio de Informática:
Título obtenido:
  • Licenciatura en Física
  • Licenciatura en Matemáticas
  • Licenciatura en Ciencias Químicas
  • Ingeniería Química
  • Licenciatura en Bioquímica
  • Grado en Ingeniería Química
  • Ingeniería Química e Ingeniería en Materiales
  • Grado en Bioquímica
  • Grado en Bioquímica y Biología Molecular
  • Grado en Biotecnología
  • Ingeniería Química y Licenciatura en Administración y Dirección de Empresas
  • Licenciatura en Biotecnología
  • Grado en Química
  • Grado en Física
  • Ingeniería Química y Licenciatura en Ciencias Ambientales
  • Licenciatura en Química
  • Licenciatura en Química y Licenciatura en Bioquímica
  • Licenciatura en Física e Ingeniería Técnica en Informática de Sistemas
  • Licenciado en Ciencias Físicas
  • Doble Grado en Química y Bioquímica
  • Grado en Matemáticas
Idiomas Requeridos:
  • Inglés

    Escrito: Avanzado (C1) - Hablado: Avanzado (C1) - Traducción: Intermedio Alto (B2)

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